Design FAQ

1. Do you have branding package deals?

Short answer:

Yes, just like everything else, buying in ‘bulk’ usually means you get a discount.

Longer answer:

I have found over the years that my time and creativity is usually best utilized all at once. I put a lot of research and thought into designing your branding which not only includes your logo, but fonts colours and all possible future applications. (For example; business cards, website, ads, signage, packaging, marketing and promotional material etc.) These are all the different variables that I think about to help determine the end design. So, when I am already in ‘research/brainstorming mode’, it’s much faster, efficient and easier for me to move from, and between, one item to the next. Less time, means less money for you.

That said, this is not to say that I can’t or won’t help you with future related design projects. Of course I will. If a logo is all you need for now, that’s great. (See next question) It just means that, later on, I might have to re-familiarize myself with your branding and get myself back into that frame of mind, and do some new brainstorming. Therefore the job will take a little longer than if I had done while it was in the groove of things.

2. Can I hire you to just do my logo for now?


Maybe all you need is a logo. Or maybe don’t have the time or money to take on a whole branding project at this time.

Either way, once your logo is done, I will provide you with all the files you might need, (e.g. high resolution for printing purposes, files for web and social media applications, as well as a any other formats you ask for.) I also keep a copy of your logo in case you ever want anything else designed in the future.

3. I already have a logo, can you use it to design some business cards for example?

Of course!

I will, however, need a high resolution file (with no background) of the logo. Which usually means a vector file (.ai or .eps). Please also note that even if the logo looks good on your computer, it still might not be a high enough resolution (300dpi) to send to the printers. So check with me first and I can tell you if what you have is sufficient.

4. What is a vector, and do I need one?

I have heard the words ‘logo’ and ‘vector’ used interchangeably.  However, vectors are actually a type of file format your logo is in (most commonly; .ai or .eps) which usually use a program like Adobe Illustrator to create them. They have crisp edges, are high resolution, scalable to any size you need and can be saved out to almost any format that you, or a printer, would require.

Most clients don’t need the actual original ‘vector file’. Unless you have the right program to open and modify them, they will be of no use to you. So, depending on what you need the logo for, typically I will provide it as a high-res .jpeg or .png file. Technically, once the logo is saved to these file formats, they are no longer considered actual “vector files”. But they are still perfect for your everyday uses. (Such as; for using online, incorporating into a flyer or a Word document…etc.)

I will always keep your original vector file in case you need your logo in a different format for future projects. And, of course, I if you request the original vector file, I will provide that as well.

5. Where can I get my items printed and how much will it cost?

I recommend different printers depending on a few factors (e.g. your timeline, quantities or if specialty papers/materials are needed). You can use an online company or local local print shop. I will get a quote from whichever company the clients prefers. Local printers are usually faster since you don’t have to wait for the item to ship. However, you can save some money by using online printers since they often have sales and promo codes.

6. How do you create websites?

Depending on the clients needs, I either use WordPress or Wix to create websites. I have tested other platforms on the past, but am most comfortable with these, and find they cover most (if not all) the features clients need.

In short, the reasons for choosing one over the other mostly depends on whether the client wants to eventually maintain the site by themselves, and how much experience they have in this. We will go through all the pros and cons of each and decide which one will work best.


1. What is alcohol ink and how do you use it?

Alcohol inks are essentially very concentrated pigment in an alcohol base. They dry very fast (within seconds), but can be re-activated using more ink or just straight alcohol. They come in little bottles or as markers in many different brands. The liquids need a non-porous surface to work with. I paint  usually paint on primed canvases polystyrene sheets. I will apply with with a paintbrush, spray bottle, markers, foam stamp, or directly out of the ink bottles themselves. Each produce a different effect. The order in which applied will also vary the results quite drastically. It’s basically a matter of experimentation and learning what techniques produce the results you are looking for. I gravitate towards creating abstract compositions or very fluid landscapes, using colours to build interesting forms and texture.

2. What do you paint on? How will I receive my painting?

I paint on a plastic synthetic ‘paper’ / polystyrene sheets (Yupo® or Nara®). It’s a thin, smooth, and non-porous surface, that comes pre-cut or on a large roll that can be cut down. Sometime I also prime canvas or wooden panels with a special paint to seal them and remove their porous nature. Finished pieces are sealed with a UV coating. If the piece needs to be shipped, I usually prefer to send it unframed, rolled in a shipping tube or in packaged in a box if on a canvas panel. I usually avoid selling pieces already framed to avoid the stress of them arriving damaged. 

3. How long does a custom piece take you?

I guess it depends on if I have any other projects on the go. But if I am free to work solely on one painting (and depending on the size) I can usually finish it in a few days to a week. That said, sometimes I like to step back for a while, and then return to look with fresh eyes. So I usually want to allow at least 2 weeks for breathing room. If you are interested, ask me about a custom piece, and I can try to work with your deadline.

4. Can you to replicate a previous piece that has been sold?

Because of the nature of alcohol ink, (see above #1) it’s impossible to replicate patterns and textures from one piece to another that are exactly the same. However, personally I think that’s what makes the medium so unique and special. I can however, use the same colours and style of the piece to recreate a similar “overall feel” of a piece. 

5. What sizes of paintings can you do?

I can paint almost any size you want, up to 3o” wide, which is the maximum size the synthetic paper I use can comes on a roll. If you want the piece to be framed, then I would suggest going with a standard size from your local framers. Custom framing is always an option as well, so unique sizes are also possible. However, keep this in mind when considering your budget, as it can add up quickly. This also applies when mounting on wooden panel boards. Stores have wide range of standard sizes. But, anything custom would have to be outsourced, and added on to the final price.

6. Is there any special care needed for my art?

Just like all original art, it is extremely important to keep it out of direct sunlight. Harsh UV rays will damage the piece and cause it to fade over time. I seal all my pieces with multiple coats of UV protectant, however it it not enough to fully protect against direct sun exposure. There are conservation and archival framing options which use UV safe glass and acrylic that can help as well. So, it’s a good idea to factor this in to the final cost when purchasing art. Most importantly, take into account where the wall is, in relation to windows before placing your art. If you really want to use a wall that gets direct sunlight, consider hanging an art print instead, which can easily be replaced if it becomes faded in the future.


If you can’t find your answer below, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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