About me

I was born, raised and am still living in Wakefield Qc Canada. I have always loved all things art related. I have dabbled in many mediums throughout the years, but none had inspired me to pursue as a dedicated and full-time career. Even though I was undecided, I still new I wanted to do something creative in life.

From my early teens, I watched as computers gained in popularity and created more and more jobs. I found it’s growing influence on the media and culture to be very fascinating, which lead me to pursue digital arts after high school. I graduated a 3 year Graphic Design program at Algonquin College in 2005. From there, I worked my way from junior designer to team manager, having gained a variety of experience in multi-media, marketing, branding design, motion graphics and retail/product/packaging design.

In 2011, while managing a creative team at an e-learning company, my son was born. After a complicated birth, I decided to leave my career in the city and freelance from home, enabling me to have a more flexible schedule for my family.

Over the years, I still enjoyed other creative crafts and projects, in addition to my freelancing design work. I came upon alcohol inks while making tile coasters as Christmas gifts. I immediately knew this was a medium I wanted to explore. I had no choice but to teach myself, as at the time, there wasn’t a lot of information on how to paint with them. So I started practicing, experimenting and eventually became more dedicate and serious about my art. I opened an Etsy shop and started selling my work at various craft fairs. I was soon outgrowing my small home office space, as my art was taking over every surface.

Which brings us to two years ago, when my husband and I designed and built our current home with a dedicated art studio. I finally had the room to expand and the freedom to create till my hearts content. I still freelance in graphic design, and am continuing to create art as much as I can, while balancing each with my family life.

About my Art

Alcohol inks are known to produce very unexpected results. The medium tends to meld and interact with itself, even after your hand has left the canvas. I enjoy that aspect and am fascinated by the ever-evolving vibrant colours, interesting forms and textures that are created in front of my eyes. It’s an exciting and freeing process and forces me to take risks and to constantly experiment. The outcome is usually quite organic looking, which I will either use as a base for an abstract composition or manipulate into a landscape or floral piece.

I like to think of my art as “controlled chaos”. The end result is often a combination of multiple “happy accidents” (thank you Bob Ross) and then building upon them to create a final piece that feels right.

My painting process

Before I start a painting, I decide if I want it to be completely abstract or have a subject matter (such as flowers or a landscape) in mind. I then pick out a colour scheme. If I am lacking ideas, I sometimes draw colour inspiration from other photos. I have a dedicated board on Pinterest with tons of different images; including everything from scenic photography & close-up nature shots, to clothing ensembles and artisan cakes (anything that gets me excited and catches my eye.)

Then, if painting a landscape, I might draw out a few quick sketches for layout options. Sometimes, I will even ‘test paint’ items on a scrap piece of paper. When the painting is finished I seal them with multiple layers of gloss UV protectant and they are ready to be framed.

My design process

Obviously different jobs require different tasks. Websites require organization of files, content and back-end prep. Whereas, designing a logo might involve initially doing some hand sketches and mockups. That said, the creative process is usually the same. I talk with the client and make sure we are on the same page as far as what they are envisioning. I also research the competition to see what’s out there. I never feel comfortable going in blind where’s there’s a chance of replicating what’s already been done. Being creative and uniques is really important to me.