1. What is alcohol ink and how do you use it?

Alcohol inks are essentially liquid dyes, (very concentrated pigment in an alcohol base.) They dry very fast (within seconds), but can be re-activated using more ink or just straight alcohol. They come in little bottles, and since they are a liquid, they usually need a non-porous surface to work with. I paint on polystyrene sheets (more about that below #2). Applying with a paintbrush, spray bottle, foam stamp, or directly out of the ink bottles themselves, each produce a different effect. The order in which applied will also vary the results quite drastically. It’s basically a matter of experimentation and learning what techniques produce the results you are looking for. I gravitate towards creating abstract compositions or very fluid landscapes, using colours to build interesting forms and texture.

2. What do you paint on? How will I receive my painting?

I paint on a plastic polystyrene sheet. It’s a thin, smooth, and non-porous surface, that can be cut down to whatever size you want. I then seal the painting with a UV coating. You can choose to have your painting framed or mounted on a wooden board. (See here for more info) If the piece needs to be shipped, I usually prefer to send it unframed, rolled in a shipping tube. Of course it is possible to send framed, however, personally, I prefer to avoid the stress of it arriving damaged.

3. How long does a custom piece take you?

I guess it depends on if I have any other projects on the go. But if I am free to work solely on one painting I can usually finish it in a few days. That said, sometimes I like to step back for a while, and then return to look with fresh eyes. So I usually want to allow at least a week for breathing room. If you are interested, ask me about a custom piece, and I can try to work with your deadline.

4. Can you to replicate a previous piece that has been sold, that I saw on your website?

Because of the nature of alcohol ink, (see above #1) it’s impossible to replicate patterns and textures from one piece to another that are exactly the same. I can however, use the same colours and style of the piece to recreate a similar “overall feel” of a piece.

5. What sizes painting can you do?

I can paint any size you want, up to 2’x3’, which is the size of the plastic sheets I use. If you want the piece to be framed, then I would suggest going with a standard size from your local framers. Custom framing is always an option as well, so unique sizes are also possible. However, keep this in mind when considering your budget, as it can add up quickly. This also applies when mounting on wooden panel boards. Stores have wide range of standard sizes. But, anything custom would have to be outsourced, and added on to the final price.