A bit about me...and the only selfie I will ever post on here...



I’m Marieka Diepenveen. Thanks for visiting!

I love all things arts & crafts and design.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 12 years now. However, between school, hobbies, motherhood and profession, I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything “artsy” my whole life.

Computer design lets me work and re-work a piece with complete control and precision, which satisfies the perfectionist in me. Whereas, painting is much more therapeutic and liberating. Specifically, alcohol inks are a medium that can produce some unpredictable, yet, amazing results. It has the vibrancy of acrylic or oils and the blending qualities, somewhat, of watercolours.

About My Paintings

I create Alcohol Ink paintings. Alcohol inks are essentially fast drying dyes, (very concentrated ink pigment in an alcohol base.) They come in little bottles, and since they are a liquid, they usually need a non-porous surface to work with. I paint mostly paint variety of surfaces, such as plastic sheets, primed wooden boards & canvases. Each of my paintings use colour to build interesting forms and texture, creating abstract compositions or very flowy landscapes. Over the years I’ve learned to control the medium, but only to a certain extent, since alcohol inks are known for producing very unexpected results. However, I enjoy that aspect and find that often I am pleasantly surprised to have discovered a new effect. This keeps me challenged. It requires quick problem solving skills and the ability to change strategies mid session. I have found that I have to have a very open mind using alcohol inks. Ultimately, it forces me to experiment with many different techniques and to constantly grow as an artist. I like to describe my art as “controlled chaos”. There is much thought behind it, however the end result is often a combination of multiple “happy accidents” (thank you Bob Ross) and the ability to take advantage of them. My paintings are very fun to create and I hope that is reflected in the finished pieces.